Recycling and Maintenance

Objectives of the module »Recycling and Maintenance«

On completion of this module participants are able to use non-destructive tests to determine how to repair FRP components and draw up effective repair concepts. If repair is no longer appropriate, the participants are able to select a suitable recycling procedure for the FRP component. The module also gives detailed insight into recycling/reuse options for production and end-of-life waste. This covers any necessary fiber-matrix separation, post-treatment of fibers, and processing into textile semi-finished products and components.

Required knowledge for participation and target groups

The realistic minimum requirements for taking this module are successful completion of the online introductory learning program or the Introductory Module. Ideally participants will have taken the Base Modules of the Composite Engineer course. No special prior knowledge beyond this is necessary for taking this module.
Participants should be familiar with the uses of FRPs, production technologies, and components of FRPs in order to be able to understand repair and recycling issues. The module is directed at engineers and scientists in all disciplines and industries as well as technicians and technologists with suitable professional experience and expertise.

This module is available in German

Important information

Each module of the Composite Engineer course can be taken individually, regardless of whether or not you intend to take sufficient modules to be awarded a Composite Engineer certificate. An online introductory learning program is used to give participants the necessary prior knowledge. Participants are given the access code after registering for the module.

Dates and registration

  • Module: Recycling and Maintenance
    LBF, Darmstadt

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