First-class training

Fraunhofer IFAM is a leader in adhesive bonding and fiber composite technology and has offered training courses to industrial users for more than 20 years. Only qualified employees can produce quality products, avoid errors and damage, and secure competitive advantages.

Effective bonded joints

The courses in adhesive bonding technology meet the requirements of DIN 2304 (quality requirements on bonding processes for general industry) and DIN 6701 (quality requirements on bonding processes for the rail vehicle manufacturing industry) for the training of adhesive users.

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Training Center for Adhesive Bonding Technology


Training Center for Fiber Composite Technology

Process-oriented training for industry

Adhesives and fiber composites are nowadays used for a myriad of applications and a world without them would be unimaginable! The use of adhesives and fiber composites is long-established in industries such as rail vehicle manufacture, transport, the automotive sector, wind energy, and the electronics sector and specially trained employees in those areas have played a vital role in the success of these industries.

Note: The training courses in adhesive bonding technology meet the training requirements laid down in DIN 2304 "Adhesive bonding technology – Quality requirements for bonding processes" for general industry and in DIN 6701 "Manufacture of adhesive bonds on rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles".