Your benefits


Acquisition of expertise - the "aha" effect!

Quality assurance via workforce training

You can only identify and avoid errors and faults if you are aware of them! Employees who take the training courses in fiber composite technology and adhesive bonding technology possess this knowledge and this is a prerequisite for manufacturing quality products.


Up-to-date knowledge!

The latest research findings are incorporated into the training courses

R&D results that are published or arise from publicly funded projects can be immediately included in the relevant fiber composite or adhesive bonding courses.


Experience - benefit from our tried and tested expertise and knowledge!

More than 10000 course participants in 25 years of involvement in technology transfer

Fraunhofer IFAM has been involved in technology transfer for 25 years and is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and accredited under DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024. More than 10000 employees – from technicians to senior engineers and PhD scientists have taken the courses in adhesive bonding technology and fiber composite technology.


On foot to Fraunhofer IFAM!

Stay in a comfortable hotel close to the course venue

Course participants have a choice of hotels close to Fraunhofer IFAM. All the recommended hotels are within walking distance, meaning no extra travel costs.


Knowledge of industry - knowing how and knowing where!

Experience of different sectors

Fraunhofer IFAM offers courses in adhesive bonding technology and fiber composite technology to a wide range of industries. Course participants come, for example, from the rail vehicle, automotive, wind energy, and transport sectors.


Standards and certification - most definitely!

Competitive advantages via training

You become familiar with the most important standards and are able to transfer this knowledge and certification requirements to your company and so gain competitive advantages.


Putting knowledge into practice!

Apply your newly learned knowledge at modern workplaces

The theoretical course material is always consolidated by practical sessions at fully equipped workplaces.


Optimal didactics

Course tutors trained in didactic methods

The course tutors are trained by experts in the field of didactics. Fraunhofer IFAM has a dedicated employee for the supervision and improvement of the training methods and courses.


Follow-up courses - knowledge doesn't stand still!

Training never stops

The courses are continually updated to the latest state of technology. After successful completion of a course one has the option of taking refresher courses and attending special seminars and remaining part of the large course alumni network.