Passing on key expertise

Fraunhofer IFAM is one of the largest organizations in Europe carrying out applied research. The goal of researchers is to solve problems for industry. In the courses the participants acquire problem-solving skills and knowledge for the whole value-creation chains involving adhesive bonding technology and fiber composite technology.

Practical understanding of the fundamental principles

In order to solve problems one must have a clear and practical understanding of fundamental principles. In the courses on adhesive bonding technology and fiber composite technology the participants are exposed to the whole value-creation chain from starting materials to effective industrial application. "The courses cover precisely those topics which are being addressed by the R&D activities of Fraunhofer IFAM, namely key areas of importance for industry. This approach means we always have up-to-date course contents, says Andreas Groß, Head of Workforce Training and Technology Transfer. In the area of FRPs this includes resin development, design & manufacture, surface modification, assembly & joining technology, and quality assurance. The participants learn about the individual stages of the value-creation chain and with that knowledge they are able to raise quality standards in their companies and, for example, carry out repairs. The same naturally applies for adhesive bonding technology: This concerns problem-solving for adhesion failure, characterization, properties of adhesive films, adhesive application/processes, and once again quality assurance. The two training areas also overlap, for example with regard to the bonding of FRPs.