Training courses in adhesive bonding technology

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The use of adhesive bonding technology has become the norm in many sectors of industry. Two of the highest profile industries to use adhesive bonding are the automotive industry and aircraft industry. However, the rail vehicle manufacturing industry has played a pioneering role in laying down strict requirements for workforce training in adhesive bonding technology (DIN 6701). Even so, many companies are still much in the dark about the opportunities of adhesive bonding. Often traditional joining techniques such as welding and riveting are still preferred – albeit without reason! In particular, Fraunhofer IFAM believes there are many further opportunities for using adhesive bonding technology in the wind energy industry and transport sector.


National and international training partners

  • Training Centers for Adhesive Bonding Technology and Fiber Composite Technology at Fraunhofer IFAM
  • Operational partners of the Training Center for Adhesive Bonding Technology
  • Operational partners of the Training Center for Fiber Composite Technology
  • Organizational partners of
    the Training Centers

Training courses

Key benefits at a glance

  • Largest independent R&D group working in the area of adhesive bonding
  • Experience with DIN 6701
  • In-company courses

DIN 2304/ DIN 6701-2

Quality assurance for the whole bonding process

The courses at Fraunhofer IFAM meet the requirements of DIN 2304 (on companies in all sectors except the rail vehicle manufacturing industry) and DIN 6701 (on companies in the rail vehicle manufacturing industry)...