Training courses in adhesive bonding technology


More than 14000 course participants have already attended and successfully completed courses at the training center for adhesive bondng technology. For more than 30 years, the range of further training courses in adhesive bonding has become more and more differentiated. Our portfolio at a glance:


European Adhesive Bonder

This one week course trains participants to independently and effectively manufacture bonded joints.


European Adhesive Specialist Online

In the new »Blended Learning« concept, the theoretical course content is mainly taught online. In the attendance phase, the content is deepened and the practical knowledge is imparted.


European Adhesive Engineer Online

With the European Adhesive Engineer (EAE) course, face-to-face and online learning are combined in such a way that participants can be offered the best of both worlds: Travel and absence times are minimised, the possibility of self-determined learning at one's own pace is increased, opportunities for direct exchange with specialist scientists in the research institute are preserved.


Refresher courses in adhesive bonding technology

The refresher courses are directed at former course participants who want to refresh their knowledge of adhesive bonding technology and learn about the latest developments. A refresher course is an accredited training course for adhesive users.


In-company/in-house courses

For companies who wish to train a larger number of employees at the same time, there is the option of holding courses at your company.


Bremen Bonding Days

The Bremen Bonding Days  are an opportunity for former training course participants to exchange experiences and to learn about specific topics in greater detail than covered in the training courses.


Special Seminars

In addition to the existing and internationally recognised DVS®/EWF courses, we also offer tailor-made special seminars which are adapted in duration and content to the needs of the respective personnel.

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  • Largest independent R&D group working in the area of adhesive bonding
  • Experience with DIN 6701
  • In-company courses

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DIN 2304/ DIN 6701-2

Quality assurance for the whole bonding process

The courses at Fraunhofer IFAM meet the requirements of DIN 2304 (on companies in all sectors except the rail vehicle manufacturing industry) and DIN 6701 (on companies in the rail vehicle manufacturing industry)...