Training courses in fiber composite technology

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Using fiber reinforced plastics (FRPs) offers industry a host of opportunities. However, many companies are unaware of the potential of using these materials. Key features of these materials are their low weight, high stiffness, and their adaptation to the force flux. They are particularly popular for car and aircraft manufacture. Nacelles and rotor blades for wind turbines are made of fiber reinforced plastic. The rail vehicle manufacturing industry widely uses fiber reinforced plastics. Fiber reinforced plastics can in many cases replace conventional materials such as steel.

National and international training partners

  • Training Centers for Adhesive Bonding Technology and Fiber Composite Technology at Fraunhofer IFAM
  • Operational partners of the Training Center for Adhesive Bonding Technology
  • Operational partners of the Training Center for Fiber Composite Technology
  • Organizational partners of the Training Centers

Fiber Reinforced Plastic Training Courses


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