Training courses for other sectors of industry

Training creates confidence in new technologies

All industries are at first rather cautious about using new materials such as fiber reinforced plastics (FRPs) and new joining techniques such as adhesive bonding. They want to explore new terrain but don't have any experience in these technical fields. To successfully use fiber composites and adhesive bonding, it is vital to have a sound understanding of these technologies. This can be achieved by investing in effective workforce training from the very outset. Experience shows that this strategy saves companies a great deal of money and time, and avoids frustrating negative experiences.


Prevent errors – create innovation!

Error prevention leads to a sense of success. This creates confidence which is the basis for innovation with new materials and joining techniques. This confidence to use fiber composites and adhesive bonding is facilitated by having employees effectively trained in these technical fields. These technologies are complex and interdisciplinary, and users need to understand the whole process, from idea to product. Only then can products be successfully manufactured.