Special Seminars

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According to ISO 9001, adhesive bonding  is a »special process«. This means that a bond cannot be checked 100% non-destructively. The consequence of this is the necessity of securing the process by quality assurance measures.

An important component of quality assurance is the qualification of the personnel involved. Irrespective of whether it comes into direct contact with the adhesive bonding technology or apparently only on the periphery, all those involved should have the appropriate adhesive bonding technology expertise to meet the requirements of their tasks in the company.

Against this background, we offer, in addition to the existing and internationally recognised DVS®/EWF courses, tailor-made special seminars which are adapted in duration and content to the needs of the respective personnel.

In the following, some examples of professional groups for which such special seminars have already been carried out:

  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Production planning
  • Operators of fully automated gluing systems or gluing robots

Where appropriate, these special seminars may also end with a theoretical and/or practical examination so that participants can demonstrate the skills they have acquired. This can be particularly interesting with regard to DIN 2304, which describes the organisational quality assurance of the adhesive technology user companies and, among other things, also provides information on the qualification of the personnel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be pleased to work out a new special seminar with you, optimised to your needs.