Benefits at a glance

Modern dedicated training facility - the Training Center for Fiber Composite Technology

Fraunhofer IFAM has built a new DIN EN 9001 certified Training Center for Fiber Composite Technology. This meets the quality requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 for training establishments. The many practical workplaces have set new standards for practical training.

Strong focus on practical assignments

The course content is constantly updated to the state-of-the-art and there is a strong focus on practical work.

Training at all employee levels

The fiber composite training courses are aimed at master craftsmen in the handicrafts sector and industry, technologists, and specialized technical employees who work with FRPs and wish to learn about the innovative features of these materials. The courses cover theory and practice and the practical assignments include the repair of fiber composites.

Practical training of the highest quality

The practical sessions are given by experts in fiber composites who have didactic training. The practical facilities at the Training Center for Fiber Composite Technology have set new standards for practical training.

Industry-oriented courses

The one-week Fiber Composite Manufacturer and Fiber Composite Remanufacturer courses have been designed to meet the needs of various industries, including the rail vehicle manufacturing industry, car industry, and wind energy industry. The courses are not product-specific and are not industry-specific.

Information about current and future standards

Course participants learn about standards and certification in the area of fiber composite technology, acquire an insight into current and initiated certification processes, and are able to transfer this knowledge to their company and so gain competitive advantages. High quality training courses in fiber composite technology enable you to keep abreast of developments in your industry.