Practical training

Not just theoretical knowledge but also practical training is of utmost importance in all our courses. Fraunhofer IFAM provides all course participants with their own practical workplace. This is where the course participants manufacture and test bonded joints and FRP specimens and where they learn to correctly complete QM documentation and where results are discussed. The emphasis we put on the practical work sets our courses apart.

"We understand the importance of putting the acquired theoretical knowledge into practice. Each course participant has his/her own fully equipped workplace", says Professor Andreas Groß, Head of Workforce Training and Technology Transfer at Fraunhofer IFAM. Also, Fraunhofer IFAM possess all the standard machinery and equipment used by industry for adhesive bonding tasks and the manufacture of fiber reinforced plastics. The participants are also given the opportunity to see Fraunhofer IFAM researchers carrying out their work and see knowledge being put into practice.

Courses that are held in-house at companies also need machinery/equipment for the practical sessions. This equipment, including testing machines, can if necessary be loaned to companies by Fraunhofer IFAM. This then allows test specimens made by the course participants to be correctly tested on-site.