Quality of didactic methods

Optimally-structured dissemination of knowledge, the use of a variety of methods and media in the classroom, and active involvement in the learning are facets that are widely practiced in schools and universities, but often to a lesser degree in other forms of training. There it is often only a classical teaching style that is used (teacher at the front of the class). "It is proven that a more flexible teaching style enormously increases the attention span and learning of the students. Our experience is that our clear teaching methods optimally prepare the participants for the examinations" says Beate Brede, Head of the Training Center for Fiber Composite Technology and responsible for Didactics and Teaching Methods. Fraunhofer IFAM works constantly to optimize these areas. "It is important for us that our tutors are competent teachers" stresses Prof. Andreas Groß, Head of Workforce Training and Technology Transfer at Fraunhofer IFAM. For this reason Beate Brede carries out regular training sessions for the course tutors and randomly attends course sessions to monitor the quality of the teaching. "Our aim is for the quality of the teaching to be the same for all courses and that is why we constantly monitor the didactic skills of our tutors", explains Brede. Fraunhofer IFAM so guarantees optimal teaching quality and effective knowledge transfer to the course participants.

It is this quality that is valued by companies. The training offered by Fraunhofer IFAM are of very high quality and they have also acquired international acclaim. This is because the quality of the didactic methods results in the majority of course participants successfully passing the examinations and being awarded certificates.