Further training and follow-up courses

Fraunhofer IFAM has independently developed all its training courses. The needs of different industries have however been fully taken into account. Fraunhofer IFAM understands these needs from its R&D work and includes its latest findings in the training courses. Fraunhofer IFAM played a large part in the development of the DVS®/EWF courses in adhesive bonding technology that are now in widespread use. The aim of all training measures for employees is to bring benefit to their companies. Fraunhofer IFAM endeavors to make this as procedurally simple as possible. In addition to the actual training courses, Fraunhofer IFAM also offers low-cost e-learning courses to prepare the students for the actual courses. Information is passed to the students in virtual classrooms. In-house courses at companies can also be given. In order to guarantee the quality of the training, all necessary materials and equipment are delivered by Fraunhofer IFAM in advance. Even testing machines can be supplied. Many courses are also given in English or can be or translated into the relevant local language and given at any desired location in the world.

Successful completion of a course does not signify the end of learning! Refresher courses and special seminars in adhesive bonding are offered in adhesive bonding technology and fiber composite technology to bring former course participants up-to-date with the latest developments and state-of-technology. The Bremen Bonding Days ("Bremer Klebtage") are a highlight here. This is a get-together for course alumni to refresh their knowledge and to exchange their experiences with Fraunhofer experts. A similar event for fiber composite course alumni is being started in 2017.