Manufacturing and Production Technologies

Objectives of the module »Manufacturing and Production Technologies«

There is an ever growing need for automated, economical, series production of FRP components. This module gives insight into the production technologies used for various FRP production chains. Techno-economic evaluation of the individual processing steps, starting with the shaping right through to the finishing, is covered as is the linking of the individual steps into an efficient process chain.
This module covers production technologies for manufacturing the different classes of FRP components, economic aspects, and general technical aspects. The benefits and limitations of linking different processes are also explained.
Participants are given an overview of the available semi-finished products, cost considerations, and their use in different process chains.

Required knowledge for participation and target groups

No prior specialist knowledge is required to take this module. However, completion of the online introductory learning program or the Introductory Module is recommended.
The target group for this module are employees who are responsible for the design and production of fiber composite structures and components and product managers wanting to get an overview of FRP component manufacture. This module is directed at engineers and scientists in all disciplines and industries. This module is particularly recommended for those wanting an overview of the state-of-the-art production technologies and process chains, and in particular highly automated variants.

This module is available in German

Important information

Each module of the Composite Engineer course can be taken individually, regardless of whether or not you intend to take sufficient modules to be awarded a Composite Engineer certificate. An online introductory learning program is used to give participants the necessary prior knowledge. Participants are given the access code after registering for the module.

Dates and registration

  • Module: Manufacturing and Production Technologies
    LBF, Darmstadt

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