Utilize the advantages of fiber composites via workforce training

Fiber reinforced plastics (FRPs) are often mistakenly thought of in the same way as traditional materials such as steel. When using FRPs, the special properties of these materials have to be taken into account. Such knowledge must be acquired via high-quality training. Indeed, the components of FRPs confer very specific properties on these materials and, in addition, repairs have to be carried our very differently to repairs to materials such as steel or aluminum.


A new standard for quality workforce training

Fraunhofer IFAM offers a number of different courses (FRP-Manufacturer, FRP-Remanufacturer, FRP-Specialist, and Composite Engineer) dealing with how these materials are manufactured, used, and repaired. Moreover, Fraunhofer IFAM has established a new quality standard for courses in this field (as it did for courses in adhesive bonding technology). Fraunhofer IFAM researchers developed these cross-industry courses and the course material includes their knowledge and experience of a diverse range of industrial sectors who work with these materials. The training courses are accredited and successful participants are awarded internationally recognized certificates.