Courses in fiber composite technology

Training courses in fiber composite technology at Fraunhofer IFAM


Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacturer

This one week course covers the fundamentals of fiber composite technology in theory and practice.


Fiber Reinforced Plastic Specialist

Industrial users learn to estimate the effects of the individual starting materials (e.g. fibers, matrix materials, core materials) on the properties of the final FRP components.


Fiber Reinforced Plastic Remanufacturer

Fraunhofer IFAM developed the new FRP-Remanufacturer course in order to meet the special requirements for FRP repair. The focus is on training employees to repair the functionality of damaged FRP components on rail vehicles.


Composite Engineer

The new modular Composite Engineer course brings together the expertise of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Fraunhofer Lightweight Design Alliance in the area of fiber reinforced plastics. The course participants are trained on particular topics by scientists and engineers who are engaged in current, cutting-edge R&D work. This guarantees direct transfer of key knowledge and technology to industry.


In-Company/In-House Courses

For companies who wish to train a larger number of employees at the same time, there is the option of holding courses at your company.


Bremen Fiber Composite Days

The Bremen Fiber Composite Days offer former course participants the opportunity to learn about recent developments in fiber composite technology and a chance to meet old contacts and make new ones.


Lightweight Professional