The training course team at Fraunhofer IFAM

Erik Meiß

Deputy Head of Workforce Training and Technology Transfer / Head of the Training Center for Adhesive Bonding technology / Tutor: Adhesive Bonding Technology

Phone: +49 421 2246 – 632

Dr. Erik Meiß has worked at Fraunhofer IFAM since 2008 and is Deputy Head of the Training and Technology Transfer department and Head of the Training Center for Adhesive Bonding Technology. His responsibilities include the strategic development and organization of the Training Center and its expansion through national and international collaboration. Other tasks of Erik Meiß include:

● Tutoring at all course levels

● Member of the DIN committee on DIN 2304

● Member of Work Group V8 of the DVS

● Deputy chairman of the Examination and Certification Committee of the DVS

● Member of the Standards Committee of the EWF

● Member of the Quality Assurance Technology Circle of Fraunhofer IFAM

● Company auditor for compliance with DIN 6701

● Internal auditor

● Acquisition of and participation in research projects