Training courses in adhesive bonding technology for the transport industry

Adhesive bonding technology has fundamentally changed the transport industry. Combinations of materials hitherto not possible have become a reality with adhesive bonding. The use of optimum material combinations has resulted in notable improvements to the weight, safety, and comfort of ships, aircraft, and other modes of transport. As in the rail vehicle manufacturing industry, standards lay down the training requirements of adhesive users in the transport sector.

Training courses in adhesive bonding technology at Fraunhofer IFAM


European Adhesive Bonder

This one week course trains participants to independently and effectively manufacture bonded joints.


European Adhesive Specialist

This three week course (3x one week) gives a detailed insight into adhesive bonding technology and teaches participants how to draw up work instructions and how to guarantee quality assurance in production.


European Adhesive Engineer

The European Adhesive Engineer course has a duration of eight weeks (8x one week) and gives participants a comprehensive knowledge of adhesive bonding technology and qualifies participants to responsibly manage all matters associated with adhesive bonding, from product development to production and repair.


Refresher courses in adhesive bonding technology

The refresher courses are directed at former course participants who want to refresh their knowledge of adhesive bonding technology and learn about the latest developments.


In-company / in-house courses

For companies who wish to train a larger number of their employees at the same time, there is the option of holding courses at your company.


Bremen Bonding Days

The Bremen Bonding Days (Bremer Klebtage) are an opportunity for training course alumni to exchange experiences and to learn about specific topics in greater detail than covered in the training courses.