Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium Alloys (Advanced Level)

After an introductory review of key-properties of Aluminium and its alloys, and a summary of relevant application fields, this Module will address the main processing routes (primary production, recycling, rolling, extrusion, casting) and the guidelines for alloys and processes selection. Welding and joining processes, which are fundamental in several industrial application fields will be presented, as well as the challenging solutions offered by conventional and innovative surface finishing techniques. Basic concepts to be adopted in quality control and evaluation will be described. The main techniques for process and properties modelling will be reviewed, to properly approach design methods and solutions suitable for Aluminium alloys. The Module will finally include some case studies of development of Aluminium alloys components for lightweight, taking into account both rolled and/or extruded and cast components. All case studies will present, taking advantage from LCA and other software tools, the eco-sustainability potential associated to Aluminium alloys.

Dates and registration

  • Aluminium Alloys

    October 28 - October 30, 2020
    Modality: Online course
    Registration deadline: September 30, 2020

Recommended knowledge for participation

No prior knowledge is required to take this module.

Important information

Each module of the Lightweight Professional course can be taken individually, regardless of whether or not you intend to take sufficient modules to be awarded one of the Lightweight Professional certificates. It is recommended to have attended the introductory module previously.