Advanced Cast Irons

Advanced Cast Irons (Advanced Level)

The mission of cast iron Module is to offer a complete overview of different cast iron materials (according to international standards), from grey iron to austempered ductile iron, to the point of comparing cast irons with steels. This module is structured for analyzing different foundry production processes and also to examine in depth all properties and technical advantages of cast irons materials, which are everyday more relevant in (lightweight) design components, maintaining always a focus on low environmental impact. All participants will have the chance to study other important topic as quality requirement and casting defects, fatigue design and surface heat treatment up to a special welding and joining topic about cast irons. At the end of the course, this module will show some real successful examples of lightweight designed components.

Dates and registration

  • Advanced Cast Irons


Recommended knowledge for participation

No prior knowledge is required to take this module.

Important information

Each module of the Lightweight Professional course can be taken individually, regardless of whether or not you intend to take sufficient modules to be awarded one of the Lightweight Professional certificates. It is recommended to have attended the introductory module previously.