Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacturer

Fiber reinforced plastics (FRPs) play a key role in lightweight design. Qualified personnel are a must in order to properly use these materials and fully exploit their innovative properties. These employees must be familiar with the special features of FRPs and have knowledge of manufacturing methods.

One week course teaches how to avoid errors when manufacturing and using FRP materials

An FRP is manufactured from a number of components. The chosen components and manufacturing method have a major influence on the properties of the resulting product. Acquire a fundamental understanding of FRPs. Learn to manufacture FRP components using manual manufacturing methods and learn to recognize errors and defects.

Target group

The course is aimed at company employees whose work involves handling or fabricating fiber reinforced plastics and at those who wish to enter this technical field. Participants must have adequate knowledge of the course language to enable them to understand the course material and take the examinations.

Objectives of the training course

The Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacturer course teaches participants how to manufacture high-quality FRP components using manual production methods. The course focuses on extending and consolidating practical know-how. The theoretical background knowledge required for working with fiber reinforced plastics is learned via the so-called digital introductory learning program. This is accessed online or via the special Lern-App.

Detailed information


40 hours

Course fees

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Dates and registration

Course language: English

If you would like to book the course in English language, please contact Claas Hoffmann.

Course language: German

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Course content

Fundamental principles, materials, manufacturing methods

Preconditions for taking the course

Good knowledge of the course language


The course ends with oral and practical examinations on the last day of the course. A prerequisite for taking the examinations is regular attendance at the course sessions.

Certification and accreditation



Rail vehicle manufacture, automotive, machinery and plant construction, transport, wind energy, and many others

Fundamental principles

The fundamental features of fiber reinforced plastics are largely covered in the digital introductory learning program. This gives participants a basic knowledge of the various components (fibers and matrix materials).


The course participants learn how the various components of fiber reinforced plastics affect the resulting properties of FRP products. Based on this knowledge, key points when handling FRP materials are highlighted.

Manufacturing methods

The course participants are taught theoretical and practical aspects of manual manufacturing methods. This covers various components and geometries and also the effective machining of FRP components. The identification and prevention of sources of defects are discussed. The proper use of work equipment and personal protection equipment is also covered.

Health and safety at work and environmental protection

Safety measures to be taken when working with fibers and plastics, and regarding the auxiliary materials which are used in repair and manufacturing processes, are discussed. The proper use of work equipment and protective equipment is also covered.