Workforce training in adhesive bonding technology

Standards prescribe workforce training in adhesive bonding technology

In days of old the use of adhesives was often error-prone and the result was poor product quality. The situation today is very different and the total bonding process (material selection, cleanliness, adhesive, surface treatment, etc.) is closely monitored. However, employees often still only consider the adhesive and do not understand other potential pitfalls.

Training in adhesive bonding allows the manufacture of quality bonded products and fulfills the requirements of QA standards

Fraunhofer IFAM offers a range of training courses in adhesive bonding technology, so helping companies meet their QA requirements. Training will become even more vital in the future. Following on from DIN 6701 for the rail vehicle manufacturing industry, another standard namely DIN 2304 came into force at the end of 2015 for effective adhesive bonding in all other industries. Fraunhofer IFAM believes this standard will be demanded by many industries and so now is the time to invest in workforce training.